Project Description

Welcome to Mental Match Play Resources

Mental Match Play – a surprisingly simple and playful self coaching model with the necessary depth.

Kurt Wiederkehr, Founder of Mental Match Play Resources


What would you like to change, if you could be certain it would be very easy to do so?

Maybe reduce your daily time-eater, diminish daily stress, reload your batteries or would you like to build a bridge between performance and lightness?

Whether being an entrepreneur, manager, employee, skilled worker or private person, more and more people look for new solutions to raise their work-life-balance.

Right here Mental Match Play sets in with instruments which you can easily use and apply in your everyday life.

Having studied psychology, and worked as a sports coach I have realised through many years of experience how strong our mental condition influences our performance.

For example in Tennis: second service – crucial match point: “Hopefully no double fault” – this thought, unconsciously, opens the road for a double fault.

To guide your thoughts in a helpful direction, is much cheaper, and less time consuming than correcting your mistakes with a lot of effort.

Mental Match Play is an everyday coaching model with the necessary depth. More than just theoretical knowledge it gives you 1:1 practical experience and tools for your daily work.

“Be in contact”, with this motto we accompany and support your progress also after your MMP activities with our “follow-up coaching”.

We will assist you step by step on the road to success.

Kurt Wiederkehr, Founder of Mental Match Play Resources
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